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TechnoCo offer a twelve month return to base warranty on Vdex hardware (not software, which is subject to TechnoCo's software license and GPL license respectively). Product made by other parties is subject to the respective terms and conditions and warranties of the relevant manufacturers. We do not offer a "buy and try" policy. As such, returns are only accepted subject to Warranty terms. To view a copy of TechnoCo's hardware warranty, click here. To view a copy of TechnoCo's software/firmware license and warranty, click here. To view a copy of software licensed under GPL, click here.

TechnoCo offer a Gold Warranty for Vdex hardware. Under this policy TechnoCo provide an exchange service whereby TechnoCo arrange and pay to pick up a faulty item covered under Gold Warranty and deliver a replacement unit. The replacement unit may not be new but taken from a "pool" of exchange units that are covered under the same terms as your existing warranty. So, if you Vdex was covered under you existing warranty for say 3 months, then the exchange unit will also be covered for the same three month period. To be eligible for coverage under Gold Warranty you must do two things: pay the fee as defined in the price list; and undertake to back-up the Vdex configuration to a flash memory stick (not supplied) connected to Vdex USB port. Conforming to this requirement means you can unplug the flash memory stick from the faulty unit and insert it into the replacement unit upon delivery and thus appropriately configure the replacement unit and minimise downtime.

Please refer to our Purchase & Terms section for information pertaining to these matters.
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