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Vdex utilises code made available under a variety of licenses. Where a license dictates source code must be made available TechnoCo makes the relevant code available via the Support/Download link located on the home page. Source code and the licenses under which code is licensed is also available via mail order. The fee for handling, material, post and packaging is US$25. If post is your preferred option, click on the Contact Us link located on the home page and request this postal service.
Vdex GPL Source CodeVersion 1.2.11 136 MB
Non-Proprietary Software Packages & Relevant Licenses Used in Vdex-40
Software PackageRelevant License
asterisk 1.4GPLv2
bash 3.2GPLv2
busybox 1.4.1GPLv2
eaccelerator 0.9.4GPLv2
fx factory resetGPLv2
fx janitorGPLv2
fx libsGPLv2
fx vdeximageGPLv2
fx vdexmountGPLv2
glib 2.12.9GPLv2
glibc 2.3.2-2LGPL
ipkg 0.99.163GPLv2
iproute 2-2.6.11-050330GPLv2
lighttpd 1.5.0GPLv2
matisse 4.07.11GPLv2
mtd-utils 1.0.0GPLv2
ntp 4.2.4p0Delaware license
openssh 4.5p1BSD license
openssl 0.9.8gOpenSSL license
pcre 7.0BSD license
php 4.4.6PHP license
smtpclient 1.0.0GPLv2
sox 13.0.0GPL and LGPL
strace 4.5.15BSD style license
termcap 1.3.1GPLv2
tftp-hpa 0.48OpenBSD license
vdex40 baseGPLv2
vdex40 linux
vdex40 u-boot 1.1.6-0.04.1GPLv2
vsftpd 2.0.5GPLv2
zaptel timerGPLv2
zlib 1.2.3Boost Software License
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