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Vdex Features and Benefits
Separate Voice & Data Processors Vdex incorporates multiple microprocessors separating much of the voice and data traffic. This separation maximizes voice quality even when there is heavy data traffic.
Hardware Voice Compression & Echo Cancellation Vdex includes one or more Digital Signal Processors (additional to its microprocessors) dedicated to compressing voice (so voice uses less valuable Internet bandwidth). The DSPs also remove echo that can be present when VoIP systems connect to the telecom line.
Automated Call Attendant Each call is automatically answered using a greeting or spoken directory you define and record. For example, callers may hear: "to speak to our sales department, push 1, for accounts push 2...." or, "if you wish to be connected to John Smith, push 1, for Sally Brown, push 2." The call is then forwarded to an extension according to options you define and the caller selects.
Answer each incoming line differently You may configure each incoming phone line to be answered differently. For example, callers on your home phone line may hear "High, thanks for calling John & Betty. We're not here so leave a message for John by pushing 1 or Betty by pushing 2." Alternatively, callers on your home office line may hear "Hello, thank you for calling JB Inc, for sales push 1, for accounts push 2..." (requires installer configuration).
Conferences Vdex supports conferencing for up to 8 participants. Unlike some conference services Vdex supports transcoding, e.g. participants can be using different voice CODECS and still join in.
Voice Mail Callers may leave a voice message when extensions are not answered. A unique voice-mail greeting may be recorded for each extension. For example, "Our accounts team is currently unavailable. Please leave your name and ..." or "Hi, you've reached Sally. I'll be back at five o'clock so call again then or leave a message." Vdex can even email you the recorded message.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Create your own interactive voice response and sophisticated message system. Purchase an option to conduct voice surveys of your callers.
Asterisk 4PBX Application Vdex uses a subset of the well-known and established Asterisk PBX program which has been modified, enhanced and hardened by Team TechnoCo.
Forward Calls When Busy or Away Vdex can automatically forward calls to your extension to your mobile, other extensions or your personalized voice mailbox when you are away or not available,
Least Cost Routing of Your Phone Calls Vdex can be programmed to automatically route calls so as to reduce your call costs. For example, international calls may be routed over the Internet; local calls may be routed via the telephone network (required Internet telephony account).
Calls With Other SIP VoIP Users Can be Free of Telco Phone Call Costs Calls to other Vdex users and virtually any SIP compliant phone or PBX connected to the Internet may be routed over the Internet and be free of traditional telephone call costs.
Use Your Office Phone Line From Home, or Virtually Anywhere. Make telephone calls using your office telephone line by using a SIP-based telephone which may be located virtually anywhere Internet connection is available . great for allocating work calls made at home to the work phone bill, or taking work calls while at home. Alternatively, use your mobile or a standard phone to call into your office whereby Vdex can redirect your call out through a second telephone line or out over the Internet.
Configure and manage via Druid browser interface Configure and manage Vdex via a special Vdex version of the respected Druid graphical user interface by Voiceroute. This version has been optimized by Voiceroute for peak performance as an embedded application running inside Vdex. Druid has also been hardened over a period of 18 months by Team TechnoCo. Vdex can be configured locally over the LAN and remotely over the Internet.

3Represents total capacity; available/free memory will vary dependant upon applications installed and in use. 4Digium, Asterisk and IAX are registered marks of Digium, Inc. an entity with which technoCo has no affiliation. Vdex utilises a subset of Asterisk code modified by technoCo. Product specifications are pre-release projections only, are not final and are subject to change without notice. All specifications will be finalised prior to sale transaction.
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